Snowshoes Sampler


Can’t decide what to try?   Each sampler comes with 15 individually packaged tea bags.  Each single-use bag will have 4g of tea, perfect for plopping into your favorite mug.  Snowshoe has 27 different blends. This Sampler MAY include one of each of the following 22 blends: Fox Tail Oolong |Wolfs Nacht Chai | Pink Moonrise | Brigid’s Hearth | Usagi Grey | Green Man | Karma Colors | Morning Dew | Iron Blossom | Inner Goddess | Twilight Tyto | New Moon in Scorpio | Shedding Moon | Mulled Temptation | Violet Retrograde | Frost Moon | Dreaming Moon | Hare Moon | Liminal Dreams| Pixie Potion | Skull & Root

These boxes may be customized to a degree.

If there is a blend you really do not want in your box please let me know in your order notes, and I will be sure to not include it.  You may be allergic to nuts (no pink moonrise) or ginger (no chai or skull & root), or you may just have an aversion to turmeric (no karma colors).  You can also leave me a note like, “more herbal” or “more greens” and I will adjust your box.

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