Tea Cup Gift Set


These gift sets come with a tea cup and saucer from Snowshoe’s personal collection (most are vintage, some may be antiques, others are relatively new). Each cup was lovingly chosen with the intention of filling it with tea and love. Also included are a reusable muslin bag with a random charm and 10g of the tea of your choice. Your tea cup will be intuitively chosen, but please leave requests (not too flowery, no pink, blue please), and I will try to fill them. Feel free to leave a note if you have a request for a specific type of charm for your tea bag as well.


Additional information
Preferred Tea

Shedding Moon, Pink Moonrise, Green Man, Violet Retrograde, Wolfsnacht Chai, Twilight Tyto, Inner Goddess, Fox Tail Oolong, New Moon in Scorpio, Brigid's Hearth, Hare Moon, Dreaming Moon, Pixie Potion, Skull & Root, Iron Blossom, Karma Colors, Morning Dew


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