November Market Schedule


Where's Snowshoe in November?

It is going to be another hectic month for your Snowshoe Hare.  I've got many opportunities for you to come by and see me for a sip of tea.

Here are my hops for November:

  • The 4th, 5th, & 6th will be a Bonus Seaglass Market  in Castle Hayne, NC  from 9am - 3pm.
  • The 12th &13th will be my first Mythical & Medieval Festival in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Buy your tickets online (or bring cash for the gate)
  • Wednesday the 16th I will be at Good Hops in Carolina Beach, NC for the Indie Night Market from 4pm - 8pm.
  • Then the next night, on Thursday the 17th, I will  be back in Carolina Beach at Shagri-la for a small pop-up fundraiser from 5pm-9pm.
  • November 18th, 19th & 20th is Seaglass Monthly Market.  Frost Moon, my new vanilla-mint tea will be making its debut this weekend! I will be there on Friday from 9am - 3pm.  One of my other tea "mothers" will be there to serve you on Saturday & Sunday, because...
  • The 19th & 20th Snowshoe will be at The ArtWorks Holiday Cheer Market in Wilmington, NC from 10am - 5pm.
  • November 26th & 27th, hopefully you will be recovered from your food comas and can join us for the Ogden Taproom's 10th annual Sip & Shop in Wilmington, NC from 11am - 4pm.

I do hope to see you at one of these events.  If not I will be busy every weekend in December up until Christmas.

Be kind to yourself, take the time for tea, use the good china, you are worth it.

Getting to know your tea.

What is tea?

Technically tea is a beverage created from the leaves of Camellia sinensis.  Black tea, green tea, and white tea all come from this plant. There are entire debates about which is best.  Tea can have profoundly different flavors and notes depending on how it is processed, when it is picked, where it grows, and how it is stored.  I know people who will only drink tea from a particular province in China, and even then, only the tea that grows on the shady side of the mountain.

Tea from Camellia sinensis will always have caffeine, unless it is decaffeinated using  Methylene Chloride or carbon dioxide methods.  Black tea still has about half the caffeine as coffee; green tea has half the amount as black; and white tea even less.  So if you are looking to reduce your caffeine intake without going cold turkey, tea may be a good alternative for you.

Tisanes are beverages made from any part of a plant.  In the United States we often just call these herbal teas.  Herbal teas can be made from herbs, spices, roots, flowers, bark -- basically any plant material. Herbal tea gardens (or "Victory Gardens") became quite popular during the US revolutionary war, as actual tea was quite hard to come by. The switch to tisanes during this time of American history was essential.  Herbal teas have been used for millennia to treat illness (peppermint for an upset tummy, chamomile as a sleep aid). Almost all herbal teas will be naturally caffeine free.  There are very few herbs that are made into tisanes that do have caffeine, including yaupon holly and yerba mate, but they are the exceptions.


Here at the Workshop, I love to create interesting flavor profiles by blending teas with herbs.  While I can appreciate a good Yun Wu green tea, I wondered what it would be like if I added rooibos and turmeric, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon.  Thus, Karma Colors was born.  Herbs tend to be less finicky about the water temperature in which they are brewed: steeping times are more forgiving.  The taste of chamomile is vastly different from ginger, so you have a huge variety of flavors to choose from when you open your pallet beyond "tea."

I love to nerd out and talk about tea.  If you have any questions about any of the teas or  herbs I use shoot me a message or drop a comment.

I'm all ears!


Where Can I Buy Snowshoe's Tea in Person?

So many of you ask where you can purchase my tea in a brick & mortar store?  There are so many options!

  • Madame Meerkats Cabinet of Curiosities in Wilmington, NC is my flagship store.  The owner, Horace, was the first person to take a chance and sell my tea in his shop.  He has been a source of constant encouragement since day one.
  • Healing Leaves in Wilmington, NC  has a small selection of Snowshoe's teas, and tons of other tea brands to choose from
  • Grinder's Caffé in Wilmington, NC serves a few of Snowshoe's teas by the cup.
  • The Glass Cloche in Burgaw, NC is a gem of an antique store.  It is worth the drive.
  • Topsail Pie Co. in Topsail Beach, NC sells Snowshoe’s tea in packages and ready to drink. Try it with one of their delicious baked goods.
  • Seaglass Monthly Market in Castle Hayne, NC. You can meet Snowshoe and 50+ other creators, artists & curators there!
  • Under the Moon Boho Boutique in Jacksonville, NC is located inside Antique 2 Chic vendor mall.
  • The Moon Lotus in Central City, PA is owned and operated by my dear friend and a Red Wolf soul, Rebecca.
  • Healing Hippies at Creekside in Athens, TN was the second shop to carry my tea, and I cannot tell you how wonderful these ladies are.
  • Moonlight Pathways in Pikeville, KY is a lovely, inclusive space, and I hope to visit Tonya someday.

I am also constantly hopping around to various farmer's and artisan markets so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the homepage so you can keep track where my next appearance will be!

October 2022 Market Schedule

Where is Snowshoe?  I have a very busy schedule this month. So here are all my hops for the month of October:

    • On Saturday, the 8th look for me on Sunset Beach at the One Love Market from 9am - 1pm. This market is a fundraiser for those in need in Brunswick county, people and furry friends alike!
    • Tuesday the 11th, you will find me serving tea all day (from 10am to 5pm) as part of Port City Peddler's 5th Anniversary.  Come for the tea and stay for the shopping!  PCP has an abundance of antiques and unique items. They will be all decorated for spooky season-- and for those of you who love the Joyous Season, I've heard some of the Christmas Décor will be out as well.
    • The evening of the 13th, there is a VIP, invite only, event happening at Seaglass.  Hop over to their website and join the mailing list to get  yours!
    • Seaglass Monthly Market is happening the 14th, 15th, & 16th.  I am there every month on the third weekend for three days, from 9am - 3pm.  There are over 50 artisans, makers, & curators there to help you find any manner of gifts and lovelies, from soap to candy, art to furniture. I've heard there's a pretty awesome tea lady there too ;)
    • Mid-Week evening markets are so much fun! October 19th (4pm -8pm), I will be at Good Hops Brewing for the Indie Night Market Hop to Good Hops in Carolina Beach and have a brew and do a little browsing.
    • Saturday the 22nd(12 - 5pm), please make the trip to Buelaville, NC for Wagon Tails Rescue's Bark-B-Que.  This is an entire event complete with all the puppy kisses you could possibly want.  Bring the kids, bring your pooch, come hungry, come thirsty.
    • Just in time for Halloween, I will be at Blue Lagoon Wellness Center in Wilmington for their Fall Expo (10/29 from 10am-4pm) .  Who doesn't want their palms read, or receive a message from the tarot cards during pumpkin season?