Our first giveaway!

New Moon in Scorpio is turning one year old this month! To celebrate we hosted a quick giveaway on Instagram. With a short window of time to enter there were 133 entries. We gave away a teacup, saucer, spoon, muslin drawstring bag, and 10g of New Moon in Scorpio. I learned a lot from this trial and I hope to do more. Congratulations to the winner @cosmic_voodoo_fae, I hope that you love NMiS as much as I do. Hop over to Snowshoe's IG and FB pages to stay up to date on new blends, giveaways, and what's in Snowshoe's pot today. 

A day with shared Tea is a day Complete.

So this past Sunday I went out and explored our local county arboretum with some of my Moon Tribes family. I shared space with Coyote, Nubian Goat, Wolf Frielünd (and her Mink), and Albatross. We spent some time taking photos and touching the earth. There is a Japanese Tea House on the property, just a simple structure with no adornments, but it is perfect. I will be sharing photos as soon as I get them. I took the opportunity to brew a lovely Gyokuro Cha. Gyokuro is a green tea that has been grown and matured in the shade. It is delicate and requires a much lower brewing temperature than even a sencha green tea. It is mild in flavor at first, and deepens with subsequent steeps. The leaves themselves are soft and smooth, almost slippery (though dry) before they are steeped and full and gorgeous once re-hydrated.

We shared tea and laughs, I always love being in the presence of my chosen family, my tribe.

A quick note about my chatelaine: I keep collecting pieces that are useful or help keep me mindful of my craft. There is a small tea cup and hare charm, to pull together 2 elements that are near and dear to me, so I always have a cup on hand (hip). Keys are excellent for unlocking all kinds of things, mental blocks, unseen obstacles, literal doors. I will take out my keys and insert them into visualized locks and turn them to open or close situations or opportunities I wish to encounter. I keep a small skull attached to a little metal plate that says 'bone collector' because, aren't we all? I have walked in many skeletons in my lives, touching bones is a constant reminder of the transient nature of life. Knowing that my energy will continue on long after my bones are collected by the earth. I have a rose quartz 'rabbit heart' worry stone, which has brought me so much peace in times of stress. It is good for soothing and opening the heart chakra. And, lastly, my teaspoon. I like to carry it with me, because, you never know when you will need to scoop out some tea.

Have a blessed week, and as always, if you have any questions about tea, or the craft, do not hesitate to message me.

Help! I don’t have a tea infuser, tea ball, or strainer!

Greetings! I’ve gotten the question a time or two: Snowshoe, I don’t have a tea strainer, what can I do?

Brewing loose leaf tea should not be difficult.  There are a number of useful products to help you.  You use a tea ball, a tea strainer, a reusable muslin tea bag, or disposable tea bags. You can toss the leaves loose into a pot and use a strainer over your cup, or purchase a teapot that has a basket infuser.  BUT what can you do if you don't have any of those things?  Do you have a coffee filter and a rubber band?  Cheese cloth and some string?  How about paper towel and a clothespin?  You can make tea. :)